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hack36 6.0

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March 24-26, 2023

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About us

About us

Another new year, and here we are, back with Hack36 6.0, one with even more enthusiasm and anticipation! Although it will be held in a hybrid mode, the spirit of the traditional hackathon shall never be gone from this exciting event! Have you always had an idea which you wished to showcase to the world using your creativity and programming skills? Well, here is your chance. Gather a team of 2-4 college students, with no restrictions regarding branch, year, course or college whatsoever. Brainstorm together and channel your inner hackers in this 36-hour long exhibition! Come and be a part of this fun-filled experience, with intriguing talks, interactive workshops and various mini-games round the clock. So buckle up as you would not want to miss out on this unparalleled opportunity!



Increasing use of technology gives birth to more Cybercrime. The counter to this problem? That's for you to find. Perform your duties as a responsible citizen and wisely use your resources to combat this problem.

disaster management

We have recently heard of earthquakes destroying cities, lives, and property. They say that Mother Earth punishes us with natural disasters, but can we predict them in advance and minimize the damage? Show your creativity and find a solution.

gaming and chill

After the pandemic, gaming has become a go-to safe corner for people, away from the stresses of life. And the people they interact with there sometimes become their best buddies. Use your skills to create such a platform where people can have fun and chill too.

mental health

In today's world, the importance of mental health cannot be ignored, especially after the torrid few years humanity has seen. How can you use modern technology to create something that helps make the world more relaxing?


Yet another hot topic in the modern scheme of things, this theme is for you Virtual Reality geeks out there. Brainstorm an idea that opens up the Metaverse to people in a new way, with many new possibilities.

sustainable development

Probably the need of the hour, with increasing populations and decreasing resources. Technological advancements are often blamed for the worsening state of the environment. Now, you must use this technology and develop ideas to prepare us for the future.


#2 Silver

Owner of Resurrection Stone

Prizes Worth Rs.80k+

Cash Prize Rs. 20000

+Tons of swags and giveaways

#1 Gold

Posesser of Elder Wand

Prizes Worth Rs.100k+

Cash Prize Worth Rs. 30000

+Tons of swags and giveaways

#3 Bronze

Bearer of Cloak of Invisibility

Prizes Worth Rs.50k+

Cash Prize Worth Rs. 10000

Tons of swags and giveaways


Zeeve kit

Top teams


best hack built on Ethereum($150) and Ethereum+Polygon($200)


.xyz domain free for 1year to top teams

top teams


$250 for best use of Filecoin and/or IPFS


$50 for best project deployed on Replit

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean credits

All teams


best begginers project($100) and best advanced project($500) on Solana


Scholarship to all member of winning teams

top teams


1 month free hosting to all participant

all teams


6 month free hosting to top 3 teams

top teams


4K cash and credits worth Rs.110k for premium API each to top 5 teams using Verbwire API.

top teams


Access to wolfarm one for one year

All participants


free 1-year subscription licenses of Axure RP Team Edition


Meet Our Judges

President, Microsoft Asia

Ahmed Mazhari

Vice President at Goldman Sachs

Akhilesh Singh


Vishwash Jaitly

Member Technical Staff at NetApp

Rohan Agnihotri


Sandeep Dhingra

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Teams participated in hack36 5.0



different colleges



motivated hackers



Teams participated in hack36 5.0



different colleges



motivated hackers


O wizard! Thee wizard !! What is yond wisdom thee seeketh?

Do I Need To Pay Any Money To Register ?

No. You do not have to pay anything to anyone to register yourself for Hack36

Who Can Apply?

Anyone(must be a college student) having a knack of solving real life problems can apply for the hackathon.

What Is The Procedure Of Forming A Team?

Firstly make sure all teammates have registered on Devfolio. You can create your team from the devfolio dashboard.

What We Can Build?

You can build anything you are passionate about like some web app, mobile app or something using hardware.

Will there be goodies and swag?

Definitely yes!

How Will The Shortlisting Be Done?

Participants will be shortlisted based on their GitHub profile and resume.

What Can Be The Size Of The Team?

A team can consist of 2 to 4 members.

What Is The Criteria For Selection Of A Team?

If 75% members of a team have a decent profile, the team will get shortlisted. In a rare case where a team is not shortlisted, that team can contact us for the re-evaluation of their team.